EVENT | Bazaar For All Season - Day 2

Our second day in BFAS was and will be probably our busiest one and we didn't even have time to eat the whole day. Upon arriving at our booth space, everything was intact because we already organized our booth on Day 1 so that it was a pretty quick set up. Once the photos of my Pink Fashion models and lights were in place, our booth became a pink place.

After organizing our booth were free to walk around and check out other booths and stop by to other fashion bloggers booth to say hi and took some photos. Unfortunately, when I get back to my booth, my Nikon D5000 DSLR with 18-105 lens was disappeared. I cried a lot and reported it to the organizers and security officers though my chances is zero. I just moved on! :(

Well, here are some of the highlight photos... excuse the low quality of the photos because I used my Ipad Mini since I lost my DSLR.

My Day 2 booth design!

I met the lovely Myrtle Gail Sarrosa (Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Grand Winner) at the end of the morning. She is such a lovely person and it was so nice to have nice and long chat with her. She bought 10 pieces of my collection and she asked for my number. She also asked me if I can be her stylist for her upcoming TV series. Ahhh... great things happen after losing my camera! :)

Myrtle Gail Sarrosa with my Pink Fashion Ombre short with Spikes!

Co-bloggers Christine Liwag and Arnie Villanueva: my next Pink Fashion models.

Co-blogger Bella Morcen and Rhea Bue: my next Pink Fashion models as well.

co-blogger Rovie Divinagracia

Bella, Rovie and Rhea inside my booth!

Kat Valdez and Rovie inside my booth!

Christine Liwag and Arnie Villanueva inside my booth.

I also met Angel Nancy Pascual, the Dora Chicadora of Pinas FM! She's very friendly and nice person.

My aunt and cousin Angel, my helper of that day!

 Our booth was constantly packed with buyers or just folks stopping by to say hi. The experience is just beyond incredible so the smiles on our faces stick for the whole day without a problem even I lost my camera.

Click HERE for more photos!

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