TRAVEL | Antique Vacation 4: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

It's been a while since my last update, and for that I apologize! There's so much going on around me lately that I could hardly catch up with blogging.

Anyhoo, here is a few set of pictures from my summer vacation in Bugasong, Antique. We spent our last day and night at my Aunt's house in the mountains of Sabang for a short while before we decided to go back to Manila. Okay, let the photos do the talking.

In the afternoon, we climbed three mountains to reach my aunt's house. Yes, you read it right, "three mountains" lol!

Burolakaw Mountain

At first, I thought that the mountains is not that high because a lot of people who lives in Sabang can managed to climb three mountains back and forth everyday just to go to school, work or just-to-buy-something in town of Bugasong and I was wrong because the mountain is pretty high and tricky. It rained earlier that day so it became slippery and muddy.

Here’s a photo of me in the top of the mountain for the first time with legs trembling uncontrollably. I know that when we reach this mountain top there will be another two mountains to climb. I just wore a rubber slipper here because of the wet and muddy area, if they get dirty, it can wash right off.

Crossing the tree branch bridge that placed across the river.

I liked the sections of bamboo stairs a lot. They made the hike feel a bit more exotic.

View above the second mountain.

We survived the two mountains, we have to walked through the valley to reach the third mountain.

Believe me, the place was so beautiful and peaceful.

I'm here, at last. Have you seen the mountain at the back? I came from that mountain. 
 After three hours, we finish the climb, I was extremely tired with my legs shaking and a deep sense of achievement setting in. When you reach the peak of a mountain, you get to see things from a higher and more expansive perspective. 

I arrived at my aunt's house. She lives on the top of the mountain with her family.

With my cousin Angelica under the Mango tree.

I'm realizing how much I miss the tree. As a child, I used to climb trees everyday and would sit on there and read a book where it was peaceful and quiet, a lot of times I stayed up there 'till about dark.

Trying to ride a wild cow...

... and catching chicken for lunch. It's harder than it looks. Hahaha

Early next morning, we went on stand by and had lunch in one of our family friend.

They kept chickens, a pigs, other backyard animals and grew vegetables in order to put food on the table.

After our lunch, we headed back to Bugasong to freshen up and pack our things and went out again a while later for our Manila trip.

Because of our exhausting mountain hiked, we choose to walked trough the river back home and it takes us three and half hours but it's much easier than to climb back to the tree mountains again. Yay!

Click HERE for more photos!

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