June 19, 2013

Bloggers United 5

As I mentioned on my previous #ootd post, here's some pictures from the Bloggers United 5 last June 1 that was held at SMX Convention Center. This is a one day event that showcased both pre-loved and brand new stuff of over 50 local bloggers' on sale, as well as some of the Philippine's top fashion bloggers like Laureen Uy, Camille Co and Kryz Uy and celebrity fashion bloggers like Divine Lee, Maggie Wilson and Nicole Anderson.

I had so much fun with my cousins. I was really excited about the crowd, for sale items, atmosphere and everything. Too bad, I showed up late to the event because of my busy schedule that day, I didn't catch the whole program though my Pink Fashion was one of the donor of BU5. So, I just dropped by to say hello to Ms.Ana Gonzales and give the giveways loot bag while my cousins distributed my flyers, business cards and coupons.

Here are some highlights from the event.

Bloggers United is always a blockbuster hit!

at the registration table

I was fascinated by how the place was so jam-packed.
(2nd, 3rd, 4th photo credit)

My cousins

Some of my giveaways bag

With my daughter Stacey Audrey (pls. follow her blog :)
(yay! wardrobe fail: my cycling showed up)

Photobooth photo by Madhouse Manila

BU5's international participating blogger is a Tokyo-based Tumblr blogger, Nylon Japan’s new IT girl and blogger for Elle Girl Japan, Maya Kibbel.

Click HERE for more photos!


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