PERSONAL | Everyday is a Valentine

We love each other every day, he brings me flowers for no special reason, and my computer table and bathroom are filled with flowers everyday. But still, Valentine's Day is so grand to us! Why? because Valentine's Day is a day when we stop a moment and remind ourselves exactly why we fell in love, looking back at all the happy moments spent together and looking forward to many more to come.

Valentine's Day is so different than normal, the whole city is so cool and everyone is happily holding flowers, balloons, chocolates, teddy bears and gifts for their loved ones. A lot of people wearing red, all establishments has different-size heart and cupid cut-outs decorations in red, pink and white and people on the street selling roses. Isn't it so sweet and romantic? That's the magic of Valentine's Day. But we should keep in mind that Love and Romance is not something you do once a year. It's a daily lifestyle!

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