LOOK | Neon Glow

This is what I wore to Modelo Pilipinas VTR months ago, omg I almost forgot to post this.
Well, I’m rocking this cute and classy Forever21 sheer top and black & white bandage skirt from Topshop - as always, and I absolutely LOVE it. I felt cute, sexy, and comfortable! Tee-hee! What I love most is this neon bag, it's the best thing I got at a thrift shop... great finds, right?

While I was there, I chatted with these two hot girls (Mystica's Dancer) and we did some crazy video for fun, haha! I love goofing around with these fabulous ladies again.

So, here's the video, just don't mind our craziness, lol!

Top – Forever 21
Skirt – Topshop
Bag – Thrifted
Shoes – Parade of Shoes
Photographer Apple Datul
Location – Makati

Click HERE for more photos!

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