July 3, 2012

The Amazing Spider Man 4

JUST WATCHED my favorite super hero "Spider Man" last Sunday at SM San Lazaro. The Amazing Spider Man' isn't Amazing, but stunning and fun to look at nevertheless. To be honest, I still love the Spider Man Trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, staring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. I really love Tobey Maguire, for me, he is the best, good looking and hot Spider-Man ever. Haha! Hmm... He may have thought that playing a high school student at his age was no longer plausible, he's already 32 yrs. old and married with two kids. So okay, lets give Andrew Garfield a chance.

The "Amazing Spider Man" lacks the excitement in comparison to the legendary the trilogy directed by Sam Raimi. But if you look at it as a new story all together, it offers some interesting moments. There are some very interesting sequences and the action set-pieces are excellent, but overall, the desired impact, seems a bit missing. The whole script feels unfinished and flips between a positive storytelling experience to a completely unpolished one. Andrew Garfield has done a pretty good job, but his dialogue delivery is kinda sad. I was really impressed by Emma Stone, she's so pretty and perfect for her character but their whole love story was grow so fast, poorly written and forced. Overall Rating:7 out of 10.
From The Amazing Spider Man 4 Movie

From Spider Man Trilogy, the famous upside-down, half-off-mask kissing scene. One of the best scene.


  1. omg! we posted the same stuff!! LOL we'll at least we have different point of views... the amazing spider-man is actually another take on the spider-man trilogy not a sequel. that's why the story is a bit like the first spider-man movie tobey maguire starred in but with a different twits. ^_^

    have a great day julie ann! ^_^

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  2. Still haven't watch this yet :( sana matuloy kami sa tuesday :(

  3. I wanna watch it too! Emma Stone is super gorgeous! love the new cast :>


  4. I haven't watched the movie yet 'cause I have the feeling it won't be as great as the Trilogy. And thank you for proving my instinct right. Lol.
    I love Emma Stone as well, but nothing beats the upside down kiss. It's epic.

  5. In PL today is the premiere of the film :)
    I'm willing to watch :)


  6. Haven't seen it but I must, thanks for motivating me to do it :D

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  7. I haven't watch it, I hope it's great ^^ Thanks for sharing dear, nice post! :)

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  8. Emma Stone was in my city, Rome, for the premier a few days ago!


  9. Hey dear, thanks for this honest review, I didn't know whether the hype surrounding the new version was worth it. Loved the cute picture with you in it!

  10. Love spiderman! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I was so disppointed when I saw that they changed the actors anyway thank you for the review might see it.

  12. I can't believe they changed so many actors. They just had a Spiderman movie a few years ago. It seems too soon.

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  13. I have not watch the new Spider Man, I am affraid to be desappointed because it is not the same cast !! :)

  14. haist! dami ko na film na di napapanood..hehe!

  15. I saw the.movie over the weekend. It wasn't as amazing as I expected. The storyline was good but I guess I am more in love with the original cast and plots.