Tuesday, March 13, 2012

EVENT | The Project

ARE YOU READY to receive your MIRACLE? I am! That's why I am now part of this Project Miracle - a benefit photoshoot!

Getting my hair and make up done for my photo shoot by Tetay Principe, he really made my day and felt wonderful all day. My friends were also thrilled with their hair and make-up. Thank you so much, Tetay! You're amazing!

without makeup

putting eye make-up

make up done. next step is my hair

hair and make-up done

the finish product! lol!
now, i'm ready for my shoot. what can you say?

Oh well, I'll tell/show you more about this next time! For the meantime, here's the advertisement poster by VJ/Singer Yeng Constantino:


Claudie said...

are you a model ?

Zanna said...

adorei o teu blog :D
passa no meu, se gostares segue :D

Emmanuella said...

Woow you're so gorgeous!! I love the makeup and your hair is beautiful!

Maria said...

you look gorgeous :)

larissa said...

Nice blog doll.
You looked great in this post!

roviedear said...

i wishe i volunteered. chos! haha :) nice make up dear

Psycho Cat said...

They did great your hair and makeup :)

Missy Cheeks said...

Great campaign!!
You look so pretty with this makeup :D

Diane said...

:O You look amazingly beautiful! Love the result!! xx

Ylenia said...

that's an amazing make up!!! you look so pretty!!!

Love, Ylenia from *Longuette*Check on the Coccinelle’s clutch giveaway I am hosting

Sweethestia said...

so pretty.. so excited to see the result of the photo shoot

Mai Yang said...

nabitin ako eh!


I'm so excited sa iba :)

follow up na! ^_^

julie ann lozada said...

Para u na rin artistA ha..goodluck sa career mo..keep up the good work.:-)

Arrienne said...

Hi!thanks for leaving a comment on my post~

This is NICE! I would have joined only if I've learned about this PROJECT MIRACLE earlier~ BUt anyhow, can't wait to see your pictures~


DannahEnopre said...

awww wooooooooow!!! cant wait to see our final pictures!!!! :)

Caro * said...

Wonderful make up :)

Sofia Carvalho said...

Love it!
Really beautiful


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