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Hello lovely readers! It's been a while since my last post, so sorry :(
It's been busy around here. The other day we took a road trip to OCEAN ADVENTURE at Subic Bay and a mighty fine trip it was. I'll blog about that on my next entry! The photos will be amazing, so stay tuned. I know you gonna love it.

So, you're wondering about my rather unusual title, huh? We'll that's just my top says. "REALLY THINKS". Haha, I know it's kinda boring but those little diamonds on it makes this top so attractive. I can't help not to buy it the first time I saw this hanging on a local boutique shop. The top goes perfectly with my gray pants, I love this pants so much, it's so special! This is the most comfortable pants ever... what makes it special??? (my hubby bought this for me! tee-hee!).

Top – Random Shop
Pants – wholesale-dress.net
Shoes – from Korea
Bracelet– YRYS
Photographer Emmerson Sta.Maria
Location – Fort Santiago

Click HERE for more photos!

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