November 17, 2011

Star City

I'M BACK -- and as I promised here, here are some pictures from my trip to Star City. You'll notice that I'm wearing the same outfit from my previous post, I just blog my outfit post separately but it took on the same day. Well, I hope you'll enjoy the pics!

Star City is one of the most popular amusement and holiday theme parks in Metro Manila. It's always been the favorite theme park destination of our Filipino families, especially those who can’t afford to travel all the way to Sta. Rosa, Laguna to see the Enchanted Kingdom.

Star City photo wall

Inside the Star City grounds are lots of tall, colorful and shady trees. The ceiling is peppered with hanging artificial vine plants that are actually so colorful which add to its charm.

This Dragon rides (I forgot the name)is one of the latest attractions which were already available to be experienced. It inspired by the Chinese Dragon Dance with Chinese House and bamboo tree in the center.

Wanna go to Neverland? Then visit and experience the story and relive the adventure of the boy who never grows old, Peter Pan.This is a walk-though spell binding fantasy attraction bringing to life the tale and adventures of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and the rest of the kids.

A closer look to my new Korean cap. <3
I'm probably as good of a real-life race car driver as I am in video games! Lol!

Everybody loves a merry-go-round! Step right up and pick a ride! Children and parents will want a go at this all-time carnival favourite.

I'm in love with all things nature inspired and handmade.

I didn't go on any of the rides because I've been here a lot of times already and I've already experienced all the fun rides especially the extreme ones. So, I was just sitting there chillin' while waiting for my companion who's enjoying the rides. It's raining hard outside so I din't get photos of those biggest and tallest rides that I had hoped for.

I had the chance to enjoy the Snow World for the first time. It’s great for those who want to experience playing with snow in a hot and humid country like ours. It's an enclosed area with ice slide, ice sculptures, an ice castle and ice all over. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to explore Snow World as I was inside for only about 15 minutes--couldn't stand the cold! They gave us a thick trench coat at the entrance but I was wearing flip flops, my toes were numb after a few minutes. Sorry for the bad quality photos, our camera are not allowed inside. They have their own photographer.

Here are the list of this theme park’s attractions: Grand Carousel, Kiddie Wheel, Octupus, Caterpillar, Telecombat, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, Kiddie Bumper, Bumper Car, Bumper Boat, Dungeon Horror House, Kilabot ng Mummy, Red Baron, Dino Island, Viking, Blizzard, Zyklon Loop, Ferris Wheel, The Time Tunnel, Gabi ng Lagim, Flying Carpet, Wacky Worm, Land of the Giants, Little Tykes, Rodeo, Surf Dance, Star Flyer, and Snow World, Fun House, and a lot of game booths were you can win yourself prices from flush toys to giant stuffed toys.

Enough with my long blah-blahs, I have more important things to do, if you want to see all the photos, just click HERE!

Click HERE for Star City Rides, Rates, Packages, Park Schedule, Contact 2011.


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