GADGET | Finally Got My First DSLR!

I HOPE you're all having a great weekend so far because I simply did! Atlast, I have a DSLR and it was like a dream come true when I took my first shot with it. Yey!

I bought a Nikon D5000 and it is just right for me... it has all the things that I need for a DSLR camera aside from producing sharp images and great color quality, it also comes with a very good and versatile kit lens. Nikon is the best DSLR for me, just looking at any nikon models you know its made of good quality and known for its durability, that's why many pro photographers have been loyal Nikon users for years.

I'm using Samsung SL620 before, it is an excellent camera also, the reason I changed is I am interested in photography as more then a means to capture memories. I want to learn the camera and embrace picture taking as a hobby in the future.

Here are the sample photos of Nikon D5000:

Night Landscape

Close Up

I have the kit lens right now but I feel like there is so much to learn before I think about adding a new lens. But as of now, it's time to reply and comment back to all my readers! :)

I also want to say thank you to Izdiher for awarding me a "One Lovely Blog Award", I already received one that I posted here from Emmanuella last month. Thanks to both of you!

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