Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LOOK | A Touch of Red

I WAS RAMBLING in McKinley Hills one rainy afternoon. It was quite a not so perfect weather for a photoshoot I would say. Had a brunch with my sister-in-law, my niece and my long lost friend Precious. A little conversation at McDonald where my younger brother is one of the service crew.

Mc Donald's Mc Float (coke float) is also one of my favorite. I always order this whenever I go at any Mc Donald branch. I don't have a sweet tooth, I really don't eat sweets that often or at least not in large quantities. But I can't resist the combination of Coca-Cola and Frosty ice cream with lots of ice... the best for me!

Me, with my beautiful friend Precious!

Here is the Mc Donald's Mc Float -- coke float flavor, my fave! Ohh... looks so tempting! Anyway, Mc Float is available in different flavor -- coke float, sprite green apple and water melon sprite.

- Forever 21
Denim Short - Random Shop
Belt - YRYS
Necklace - DIY
Shoes - Meilixing
Photographer - Apple Datul/Precious Reynoso
Location - Mc Kinley Hills, Taguig City

Click HERE for more photos!


Aqeelah said...

you look so cute!

rachinald said...

Cute! What is a Mcfloat? lol :P

Mary said...

Lovely pics!You look so pretty;)
I love that touch of red in your outfit,especially your belt and your shoes!
See you soon

Maral said...

Mcfloat!!! I used to love getting the soft-serve ice cream and Mcflurrys for McDonalds when I was younger but haven't eaten anything from there in at least 3 years!!

Come check out my food blog for delicious recipes and great photos...and maybe follow?

Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow,you look absolutely amazing! I just love your shorts, top and tie!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


Peiyinn said...

You look cool with the outfit :)

Noeh said...

hi gorgeous...

im following ur blog now..

love the cuteness of this post.. touch of red..weee..this post made me miss my red shoes..

hope you visit and follow my blog too..

Lizzy said...

I love your outfit :) Cute shoes too!:) I love McFloats!! They don't sell them here in my country but I've tried them in A&W (a hotdog fastfood store) a thousand times. I'm a big fan of coke floats. Ice-cream+coke, the perfect combination! :) I hope Mcdonalds in my country will start selling them soon! :P


Anonymous said...

hi....:) i come from italy... i love your blog: it's full of colours.. stunning!!!!


Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much for your kind words,lovely as always x
Love this look,you look so gorgeous,love the flashes of red x
Hope you having a fab day <3

Marella said...

Lovely outfit!

.Porcelaine. said...

Your outfit looks really cool! And the Mc Donald thing..we dont even have it looks sooo delicious! cool blog, check out mine if u want.

Natalie Suarez said...

gorgeous! LOVE :)


Yoelanda Sari said...

thank you for your compliment on my blog. appreciate that, thanks a lot :)

stilettodiaries said...

Your adorable blog is like a breath of fresh air; so girly and cheerful! How about following each other. Btw, love the skinny belt!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for a lovely comment. Sure, I'm following. Can't wait for you to follow back ))

nookie said...

such a cute outfit!

Sweethestia said...

Love it... red looks good at you...

Anonymous said...

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