August 18, 2011

Philippines’ First World-class Oceanarium: Manila Ocean Park

NOTE: This post is from last year, from my old blog. I decided to delete that blog due to lack of updates but I realized just how much of a treasure it is. So I'll transfer some important and precious post entry here! Enjoy!

Finally, I had a chance to visit the Manila Ocean Park! Yehey! At long last, we have our own state-of-the-art Oceanarium in the Philippines! Although a big part of building is still under construction (i.e. hotel, mall) but I am still impressed and loved the feeling of under the sea experience.

So how was the experience? I really enjoy a breathtaking 25-meter long walkway tunnel with 220-degree curved acrylic walls. It feels like you’re walking under the ocean and experience how marine animals interact with each other in their natural habitat especially when the big shark and sting rays swim by over your head. I have to say that the park itself was truly awesome and I really get amazed and wowed. They swim so fast so it’s kinda frustrating to capture them.

The Manila Ocean Park is a multi-purpose function facilities in one complex, bringing together the water marine habitat, the country’s first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, restaurant, mall and hotel. So, what are you waiting for? Experience and discover the world under the sea at the Manila Ocean Park.

The water theme park is composed of:
1. Manila ocean Park “Agos” (Flow)
Enter the journey of a rain forest motif with a patch of green plants, surrounded of three flights of wooden stairs, water cascading from an artificial waterfall and complete with 8 tanks of freshwater fishes in various sizes, kinds and color; (Giant Milk Fish, Aruana, Ocellate River Stingray, Oscar, Pirarucu/Giant Arapaima, Red Tail Catfish, Red Pacu/Pirapitinga)

The rain forest motif and one of the three flights wooden stairs.

Philippine Crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis)

The artificial waterfalls

2. Manila Ocean Park “Bahura” (The Reef)
The next attraction is a darkened room of exhibition of artificial and very colorful corals in 48 smaller tanks with species from the Philippine reefs (Giant Clams, Squid, Seahorses, Regal Angelfish, Yellow Tang, Teira Batfish, Spotted Garden Eel etc.)

Common Lionfish “Ranuy Ranuy” (Pterois volitans)

Clown Fish (Amphiprion percula)

I also found Nemo there… hehe

3. Manila Ocean Park “Laot” (Fishing Ground)
It features big fish and Eagle-spotted rays in a long tank

“Talakitok” (Trachinotus blochii)

Common Names in Filipino: Talakitok, Pampano, Apahan, Ampahan, Ba-ulo, Kulangi, Pampanong puti, Tihik bato, Tarakitok, Tarakito, Kulangi

Common Names in English: Snubnose pompano, Silver pampano, Silver pompano, Snub-nosed dart, Snub-nosed swallowtail, Permit, Pompio, Ovate pompano, Round pompano, Pompano, Snubnose dart, Spinous dory, Tropical permit, Dart, Buck-nosed trevally, Asian pompano, Gol.

4. Manila Ocean Park “Buhay na Karagatan” (Living Ocean)
Experience and discover the world under the sea at the 25-meter long tunnel. Enjoy the variety of colorful fishes, stingrays and shark fly over your head, it feels like you’re walking under the ocean!

5. Manila Ocean Park “Kalaliman” (The Deep)
Showcases marine animals found in the deepest parts of Philippine waters.

Snubnose pompano “Talakitok” (Trachinotus blochii)

6. Manila Ocean Park “Pagi” (Stingray)
A variety of sting rays fly over while you’re under the tank.

Stingray “Pagi” (Himantura fluviatilis)

7. Manila Ocean Park “Pating” (Shark)
Features several species of shark.

Small Shark “Pating” (Animalia Phylum)

12. Manila Ocean Park Fish Spa

Everyone should try and experience fish foot spa. I promise… you’ll love it. This Nibble Fish or Doctor Fish love to eat dead skin cells, it feels like ticklish but the process is not painful or harmful. It leaves your skin healthy grow, revealing smoother skin and miraculously the wound healed. Actually, the entrance to the Fish Spa is 120 pesos per person but Manila Ocean Park have an ongoing Christmas Promo wherein you only pay 500 pesos per person and that would already include the entrance to the Oceanarium, Fish Spa, and the Glass Bottom Boat Ride. Hurry and now avail now this special promo cause you’ll get to save more.

Results: I came out refreshed with baby soft feet, tan considerably reduced due to exfoliation. All the tingling had acted like massage and my feet felt very relaxed.

You can also enjoy the back of the Manila Ocean Park because it is opened to the breathtaking view of the Manila Bay. Manila Bay’s famously incandescent sunset would be quite an experience here. The park is opened to all those people who want to learn and experience diving and swimming with fishes.

Manila Ocean Park Facts and Admission Rate
Behind the Quirino Grandstand Luneta, Manila, Philippines
Entrance Fee:Php 400 (Adult), Php 350 (Children 4 ft and below) 10% Discount for Senior Citizens, 10% Discount for Manila Resident with ID.
Schedule: Weekdays 10am-9pm; Weekends and Holidays 9am-9pm“Strictly No Flash Photography”
For more information, contact +(632) 567.7777 and +(632) 567 2309 “No touching / tapping of the aquariums”

(originally posted on 03/03/2009 at my website)


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