August 21, 2011

My First Blog Award

I want to say a big thank you to beautiful Emmanuella of Nuellasource who was kind enough to give me the ‘One Lovely Blogger Award’. This is my first time winning any sort of award like this for my blog, even though my blog is only 2 months old! Thanks so much, Emmanuella! You really made my day. :)

The Rules are:

Link back to the person who gave you the award.
Complete the form below.
Tell seven random things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers.

Name your favorite color: Pink
Name your favorite song: That’s a very hard question; I have a hard time naming my favorite song, because I love all kind of music-- RnB, Rock, Rap, Country, Hip-hop, Love Song, Spanish music and everything depends on my mood! But I'm a sucker for old love songs from 70's to 90's and all Michael Jackson's songs!
Name your favorite dessert: Buko Salad (Young Coconut Salad)

What pisses you off: I hate insecure people who are too self-absorbed and naive to analyze themselves.

When you're upset: I cry easily. I cry when i'm upset, angry, hurt, frustrated and sad.

Your favorite pet: Shih Tzu! They look so adorable with their pretty pink bows.

Your biggest fear: To get older :(

Your best feature: My eyes, my two dimples, my smile, my complexion and my sense of style.

Everyday attitude: I start my day with a smile, end it with a laughter.

What is perfection: For me, Selena Gomez is the definition of perfection.

Guilty pleasure: Shopping is my guilty pleasure.

7 random things about me:

1. I love to cook and I must say I'm darn good at it. I prepare extraordinary foods that my family and friends haven't tasted before.

2. I'm learning Spanish Language and loving every minute of it. I can now understand Spanish and talk a bit.
3. I love music since I was a baby, I have a huge collection of all kinds of music ever since i have my laptop. I have now 30,000+ songs and still counting. It also contains music from different countries/languages like, Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.

4. I'm a day dreamer. I believe in fairies and I'm still waiting for peter pan to come and take me to Neverland.

5. I'm a vegetarian since I was a kid. Or let me say... I love vegetables a million times more than meat beacuse I also eat small part of meat and seafood every once in a while.

6. I'm an Internet dork.

7. I have a lots of ambition for my self and for my family. I'll do everything to make them happy!

I was really touched to be given this award and think its a great way to share some love with our fellow bloggers as everyone who receives it gets to pass it on to 15 other bloggers (That haven't already received it) and make their day!!


  1. wow congratulation being awarded :D
    eh? so you are a vegetarian? but you like meatballs for your recipe? O:
    anywayss, i love your blue top, it's so cute <3


  2. hi jane, thanks for your comment on my blog, i also awarded you the "one lovely blog award... have you read my list? and yeah, i'm a vegetarian but i also eat meats and sea foods every once and a while! hmm... i need to edit my post, lol! tnx

  3. thanks for the comment! and yeah we can follow each other! (:

  4. OH I DIDN'T SEE IT! thank you sooo much, Jul! I will make a post about the blog award from you. aah you made my day :D
    hahaha! I can't live without meats :P but I'm getting in love with veggies <3

  5. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the all lovely comments over my blog, it means a lot to me! You re one of the most incredible persons I have ever seen, and your positive energy makes me feel the same! I love to cook 2 and I love old music, I'm in love more with 20' Nina Simone and Billie Holiday! Thanks for the Blog Award, I'll try my best to deserve it!
    For now I have to post many posts with summer travelling so I won't be able to make a post for this awesome Blog Award, but as soon as I finish I'll do it! Thanks again dear!
    Hope you'll have a great day!
    xoxo Kiki

  6. Congratulation for your award. Great post .:D

  7. The vegetable inside the egg is cai pu. I'm so sorry that I'm don't know what it call in English. Do forgive me.

  8. Thanks for your award! I didn't notice my blog's name. Lol. XD

  9. Congratulations on the award! is my guilty pleasure as well and i think you look just as adorable as Selena Gomez!

  10. hey! I love your blog! and I like your post
    I will follow you!

    kiss; claire

  11. thanks darling for the award :)
    how sweet of you

  12. Congrats on getting the award. I loved hearing the facts about you! I'm a vegetarian too (but a strict one- I haven't ate meat for 3 years haha). Love your blog! :)

  13. u look super adorable and congrats on the award!! u totally deserve it!!

  14. thanks for nomination for play but i don't like this. but thank you :)

    pretty photos of you :) congrats on the award :)


  15. Congrats!!!!!! I love your blog!!!!
    You look beautiful in your photos!!!!
    So excited for you!!!! Great post!!!!
    Talk to you soon!!!! :-)
    XO :-)

  16. Looking great and congrats on the award! <3

  17. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog! Your comments are always so sweet and they make my day!
    This song reminds me you! One of my faves one:
    Hope you're having a great day/night!
    xoxo Kiki

  18. Congratulations to you and now to me too!! Thanks for nominating me :D !! I was just wondering, since I'm still pretty new to Blogger, would it be alright if I nominated less than 15 people? Since I don't know that many people?

  19. Do give me sometime to blog about the award. <3 <3

  20. wow, congratulations! Thank you so much for nominating me too :) I'm so happy, you made my day! :) This is my first award ever :D Thanks. You deserve it :) Learned more about you through this post. Congrats and thanks so much again :)