July 17, 2011

Pink Blush

THIS OUTFIT is another blast from the past photos again and it's my 5th outfit on Lookbook.nu.

Oh yeahhh... it was our first overnight swimming/outing with my Elementary classmate last summer (April 2-3, 2011) at Doña Jovita Garden Resort in Calamba, Laguna. A great hot spring resort. It's a nice place for a quick summer get away. What a wonderful time we had connecting during that time and had sooo much fun.

Wearing a Sexy & Charming Neck-strap Drape Cotton Vest in Pink by YBF2 from PinkFashion Shop. A wash denim short and floral flip-flops from a random shop somewhere in Manila.

We went up to this hill-like grotto with a big statue of the Blessed Mary situated around middle of the formation. CLICK HERE to see the statue of Mama Mary and for more photos. It's a little tricky to get to the grotto, I was pretty tired by then but It was worth it though, seeing the view and getting to admire it.

Pink Top - YBF2 from MY SHOP
Denim Short - Random Shop
floral flip-flops - Random Shop
Photographer - Apple Datul
Location - Doña Jovita Garden & Resort, Calamba, Laguna

Click HERE for more photos!


  1. awww you are precious!! i love your blogpost darling!! xx best wishes!

  2. so cute! thank you so much for paying interest in my blog !! I will keep up with your blog!


  3. i don't know why i couldn't leave a comment the first time i visited you blog anfd dollow but anyway you look great in pink