July 7, 2011

Islands in the Stream

THIS IS THE SECOND OUTFIT I posted at Lookbook.nu. I really love the unique style and color of this dress plus the headdress... because it's all in pink! :)

Wearing an Eye-catching Luster Smooth Texture Leak Shoulder Dress in pink from R.J. Story (such a long name, lol). If you want the same style just log on to CutestPrincess Shop's facebook, it's also available in white, red and black.

... and now I'm wearing a pink fashion headdress here...did you spot the difference? The headdress is fantastic, it gives your outfit the finishing touch! I now look quite sophisticated and rich than the first two photos. For some info, in Ancient Egypt, headdresses were a sign of royalty or high social status. Headdresses have been worn by men and women for religious, cultural or fashion-related reasons.

Pink Dress - R.J. Story from MY SHOP
Headdress - Broadway Gems
Photographer - Apple Datul
Location - (C6) Laguna de Bay, Taguig City

Click HERE for more photos!

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