July 28, 2019

How should the “wide shoulder” girls choose Lolita costumes?

Are you in love with Lolita costumes? But you have wide shoulders, and people say you should not go for it? Don’t listen to these people. The fashion industry is so much evolved now that there are always many options for every figure lady. And wide shoulders is absolutely not a problem. Readout this article till the end and you will find out many tips to choose the right dress in which your wide shoulder will not look wide anymore. Also, by utilizing those tips, you can quickly select suitable Lolita costumes. Here, I will also give you some dressing options that you will surely love to wear. So don't miss out and read till the end.

A rule of thumb, if you have wide shoulders, is that you should not wear a top that will make your shoulders more prominent. Think of shoulder pads, boat shape tops, embroiled neckline, and furry neckline. I think you now know that these are not for you. Throw off these clothes now if these were previously present in your wardrobe.

So what to wear? Wear something that enhances other features of your body but your shoulders. Lolita skirts? Of course, yes. Wear them with light color tops, and you will feel a perfect look. Choose shirts and tops with wide sleeves towards the bottom. Also, try dresses with wide straps. Wrap your shoulders in a v neck dress to wrap them up. Go backless at parties with heavy patterns at the lower side of the dress. You will be surely in the limelight.

Still confused with the dressing options I am talking about with your wide shoulders? Let me help you with these Lolita dresses. You will surely buy one of them if you read till the end. First of all, let me start with Puff Sleeve dresses. Let’s have a look at this picture first.

In the picture, the dress is on the dummy, but you can have an idea that it will look cute on your wide shoulders. It has a regular neck line which is not so broad and not so small. With that, it has an additional fabric all around the neckline from the front and back both. It will give your upper body a symmetric look. Your shoulders will look in balance with the body. Also, it has puff sleeves till the edge. This will also give your arms a broad look. And will also balance the wide shoulders. The top is of short length and will look perfect with Lolita skirts.

Want to have it? Shop now by clicking on here. This top is available in white, light yellow, wine red, black, pink, and navy blue. Choose the color as per the design and color of your jeans or skirt.

Now let me tell you the all-time perfect dress for the triangular body. That is a lantern sleeves dress. This type of dresses has broader sleeves towards the bottom. It has double sleeves sometimes too. This style gives the arms a heavy look that balances the wide shoulders. Lantern type dresses are also broader at the bottom. Providing the whole body with a balanced look. See the picture below in which a smart lantern sleeves dress is given.

This cute ruffle collar classic Lolita lantern short sleeve dress is available in pink, red, and green colors. Choose your favorite color and click this link to order one now.

Next, are the Trumpet sleeve dresses. These dresses have skinny sleeves that get broader and broader after the elbow to the wrist. This style gives a smart look to the wide shoulders. Let’s have a look at a Trumpet sleeve dress below.

One word for this dress I want to say. Wow! Do you also want to have it now like me? It gives an excellent slimmer and balanced look to the whole body. It is also wider on the bottom with short length. So overall a must-have for wide shoulders. Grab it now by clicking this link.
Have a look at one other Trumpet sleeve dress. Ready for the surprise? See the picture below.

Can a Lolita woollen coat be so cool? Yes, it is. It is generally said that coats and jackets are not for wide shoulder ladies. Don't listen to the people who say so. This Trumpet sleeve coat is undoubtedly for you. It has broad sleeves which get wider downwards. Also, it is broader at the bottom. You know what I love most about it? It is the fur collar and the hat. Another perfect feature is the removable shawl. It is available in black, brown, pink, red wine, navy blue colors. Grab your favorite color coat for upcoming winter by clicking this link.

Last but not the least dressing option for wide shoulder ladies is the falling shoulder sleeve dresses. These dresses have long slim sleeves with a wide bottom after the waistline. This style enhances other body features except the wide shoulders. Plus you will have an original Lolita girl look. See the picture below to get an idea of how this dress type looks like.

One line for this dress from my side. Perfect Lolita dress for a beautiful wide shoulder lady. This dress is available in red blue and brown colors. My personal favorite is red, which is in the picture. What color will you choose? Want to tell us? Tell this by clicking the given link and ordering one.

I hope a wide shoulder lady will not be depressed any more if you read this article until now. Because I have given you so many Lolita dressing options to choose from. With that, I want to add something. Wear with confidence for whatever you like to wear. Wear whatever you like and whatever you are comfortable wearing. It’s about you and your body, not the people watching you. Be who you are and love the way you want yourself to be. Have a perfect dressed life!


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