December 4, 2015

Watch Her Back

I have been saving this floral dress from New Dress for quite some time to shoot in. Last week I wore this to one of our family gatherings and I get more compliments on this dress than anything else I own. I bet you know why, (*grin*) because of the backless detail.

I have enough confidence to rock this dress though my spine was sticking out like crazy. Flaunting what you’ve got is not always a nod to one’s cleavage or booty. Letting your back breathe for a day is a surefire way of being subtly sexy. In the coming season, I’m sure you want to try out the backless dresses that seem to be making the highlights. So, this time pick up backless dresses at New Dress to look ravishing and in trend and go out on the town, bring that sexy back.

Dress: New Dress | Shoes:

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