November 4, 2012

Be a British Rose

The rose has for a long time been the flower that is synonymous with all things British. The ‘tudor’ or ‘union’ rose has long been the traditional floral heraldic emblem of England and originates from Henry Tudor taking the crown from Richard III in battle during the ‘war of the roses’ between the House of Lancaster (who wore a red rose) and the house of York (who wore a white rose).

With such deep rooted connections with War, it is unsurprising that the iconic flower has gone on to feature so frequently within the armed services, being on both the Royal Coat of Arms and also the cap badge of the Intelligence Corps of the British Army. Indeed it is often the case that when a soldier is killed in action whilst on duty with the British Armed Forces, a ring of roses be placed upon their coffin ready for burial.

How well suited, then, that jewellery maker Pandora have, in association with ABF – The Soldier’s Charity, created a specially designed charm to be attached to any Pandora bracelet or indeed purchased separately. Pandora themselves are extremely proud to be able to work in conjunction with the charity that has been up and running since 1944 and is offering the intricately decorated sterling silver charm detailed with red enamel petals for £40, available as of June 2012 with a view to it becoming a real symbol of pride and celebration for the British Armed Forces.

There are many ways to contribute to the charity’s fine work, be it volunteer work, becoming a fundraiser, becoming a corporate partner or simply by donating a monthly fee.

Unfamiliar with the Pandora bracelet up until now? Why not start your very own collection and make the BRITISH ROSE your very first charm. With 15% of the proceeds going to the ABF, where it can be contributed to helping grieving families overcome the loss of their loved ones, or helping wounded soldiers integrate back into civilian life, you can help towards the charities efforts and receive a valuable and meaningful keepsake in return. So wear the British Rose and be a proud ambassador of this fantastic charity.


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