GADGET | My PiNky Toshiba Portege m900

NOTE: This post is from last year at this time, from my old blog. I decided to delete that blog due to lack of updates but I realized just how much of a treasure it is. So I'll transfer some important and precious post entry here! Enjoy!

After such a long time...after dreamin 'bout it almost every night...after saving my money (this is half-true..) introduce to you guys my new baby...
Yey! Hard work juggling does pay back!

Overjoyed overjoyed! I admit I am obsessed with pink...

Me with my Toshiba Portege M900

Close up on my pink laptop and accessories

I really love it!!! If you ask me why...definitely I answer bcoz its PiNk!!! haha
ok, ok..despite of got windows 7, intel core duo 2, 320g hard disk, 2g ram.. ;)

What I like 'bout it..(beside its PiNkness..hehe) is small (13.3") which very light and easy for me to bring anywhere...its 6cell battery...and its clear super view display screen! Now I can watch movies and j-drama in clear view and high definition! So beautiful! and I really like windows 7..its more friendly-user compare to Vista..and the graphic is so cool! I can display all my windows in PiNk!!!hahaha...

Now I can access internet smoothly w/o waiting my laptop recover from hang..haha...
I think my PiNk-stuff list already complete! owhh..except my lost PiNk phone n not-yet-have-PiNk-car...haha!!!

Original Mall Price: PHP:51,000.00/US$ 1,200.00

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