PERSONAL | I Need Your Help

I'm so very stressed out these past few weeks. It seems that everything is crashing in. It's all because of my domain name issues. My domain name has been expired and I want to get the same one back but renewing a domain while it's in redemption period (during 30 days after the expiration) cost a lot more than renewing the domain on time.

Besides listening to mellow music, reading is also my best way to 
release my stress or at least calm my mind.
I'm desperately trying to renew domain because I had lots of back links made in 1 year. I am unable to transfer it because expired domains are not transferred. At first, I paid for $69.00 to for the back order of my domain, after that I received an e-mail of my domain appraisal with estimated value of $125.00 - $375.00, I just offered them a $250.00. After few days, they e-mailed me again and asked me for a minimum offer of $300.00, then again I agreed just to finish the negotiations. I thought everything is okay but I again received an e-mailed from them and asking me again for $880.00. What the F! I should better start from the scratch... is the best for me but I gave up. I really need to make another domain name, and this time I need your help to choose what's best for me before I settle because I really can't decide. 

Here's my list of choice, just comment below or email me which do you like best. Thank You!

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