INSPIRATION | I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

December 4, 2012

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the ones I used to know. Oh, I really love that song!

When I was a kid until now, I always dream of White Christmas, I really love it when I get to see photos of autumn and winter especially during Christmas Day! I feel jealous when I see children in Christmas movies making snowballs and snow man and play skiing/sledding. I wish to be playing with snowflakes and watching the surrounding covered in white. I'ts just a dream for the meantime but I promised myself, I'll make this dream come true!

Here's a photo inspiration of a White Christmas.

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  1. Great pics!

  2. I love Christmas' atmosphere *.* Full of magic =)

  3. This is lovely, I can't wait for snow :)

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  5. love the pictures..x-mas is really near.. :)

  6. Seeing your photos makes so excited about christmas! I'm going christmas shopping tomorrow yaaay :D

  7. Nice photos!
    Marry Christmas!
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  8. I just uploaded some pics of New Zealand Christmas time! It's summer here! ;-) Great photos!

    I'm tagging you in this Christmas thing, yay!

    Here is the link!

  9. I live Ina landlocked country but in my city it doesn't snow...but I love the idea of snowy Christmas so blissful
    Love ur pics.....wonderful

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    Stay in touch

  10. Ako din gusto ko ma experience ang white christmas! sana balang araw!

  11. They're so lovely photos! I love them <3

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  13. Magical pictures, I love Christmas :)


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