Wednesday, June 20, 2012

INSPIRATION | Selena Gomez Casual Outfits

SELENA GOMEZ is a famous young stars, idolized by teenagers around the world and a big style inspiration to everyone. Her style is very effortless, never over-accessorized, and is often photographed wearing a T-shirt and jeans but she still looks amazing in every picture.
She sports a fun and casual look that young girls around the world can copy.

I'm a huge fan of her and her style since then. She knows how to dress for her age, to flaunt her figure and to be sexy without going too much. Jeans, printed T-shirts, womanly tops, tunics, scarfs and bustier tops are all part of Selena’s casual outfits.


Anna said...

photo no 3! ♥

Psycho Cat said...

Second one is really cute, I love that blazer :)

caise said...

she has a great style

Cailin´s Place said...

I dont like this girl very much!!!;S

Joana said...

Sometimes I like her style, sometimes I think it's too young (for me and for her).

Jane Reggievia said...

Hai Jule, I miss you too! <3

Waww! I used to love her casual style on street, I love to collect her street-style on to help me on fashion 101 :D the first picture you posted is my favorite <3


kath said...

i like her style too! :)
love the 1st photo!

Jessica said...

Digging her fresh & young look. :)

Armed With Style

Mai Yang said...

she's cute and her style is envious. she really know how to carry herself :)

re your comment: yeah, I was so shock when to mentioned it that you're a mom already. I didn't know..

belated happy mother's day :)

poziomka said...

I usually don't like her style, but some outfits are great.

anney said...

I love her face kaya kahit ano suot nya e bagay talaga sa kanya! Fave ko ang pic no.3!

Ricci said...

nice post ! she's pretty,
I'm followin u too ;)

Camilla said...

She's such a babe!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Elle Sees said...

I remember her from the Barney tv show as a kid!

Monika. said...

lubię jej sportowy styl :) Pozdrawiam,

Hazel said...

i love her style! she dresses appropriately for her age :)

Australian Designer said...

OMG selena i am your big fan. I simply love your photos because you are looking very beautiful in these pairs selena. I like your all outfits especially the 5th one because its quite unique and looking awesome. Thanks for the post..:)

Diana said...

Love it!

Thanks for your comment! I'm following you now. Hope you liked my blog and follow me back :)

maleńka said...

i love selena <3

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jessica-anne said...

I agree, it's so refreshing to see girls dressing their own age in Hollywood, and I adore Selena, I think her style is so cute!

Caro * said...

Beautiful inspiration ;)

temi sarita said...

i just love selena her outfits are amazing

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