August 1, 2011

IT'S BEEN a few days since my last post, because it has really been such a hectic weekend for me. I miss you all, guys... and I miss blogging already! So, I'll start this week for some inspiration outfits from my Online Shop. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to purchase any of the items below.

Elegant Slim Long Lace Dress --- white (PHP: 700.00/US$: 16.00)

Gentle & Graceful Lace-edge Ruffled-hem Sling Dress----White (PHP: 700.00/US$: 16.00)

Sweet & Charming Lace Pure-color Dress----White (PHP: 745.00/US$: 17.00)

Beautiful & Trendy Lace-shoulder Pleated Long Dress----White (PHP: 890.00/US$: 20.00)

Gentle & Graceful Lace-matching Yarn-hem Long Dress----Apricot (PHP: 850.00/US$: 20.00)

Simultaneously sexy and subtle, lace was seen in most of the major runway shows. Evoking softness and romance, this is one inescapably feminine trend.

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  1. oh my gosh! all of these designs are so beautiful, and they are such an affordable price for me. i will definently be shopping from your store moe often. <3

  2. The dresses look so pretty!

  3. We are interested in some of your items. Can you give us information on how the sizes of the items work and on shipping to US?

  4. beautiful photos and dresses :)

  5. there´s nothing better than the little white dresses :) nice blog, i follow you!

  6. gorgeous pictures and a lovely blog

  7. the dresses are so perfect, i'm lovin lace now and I plan to buy some lace clothes soon

  8. I love lacy stuff but didn't have much of a chance to buy them yet. So many trends I need to try and so little time! Thanks for sharing these beautiful looks.

  9. Of course I'd like to follow you, the design of the dresses are so beautiful!
    I'm going to follow you on facebook, twitter, lookbook and google if you want!
    These are my accounts:
    And my google and twitter accounts are on my website homepage!
    Thanks a lot!

  10. I love lace too!! it's full of glamour


  11. Thanks so much for your sweet comment,hope your having a lovely day x
    This is absolutely gorgeous,the dresses are so gorgoues,and girls stunning x
    Look forward to your next post.

  12. followed you already..
    kindly follow back..
    nice blog^^
    and I love the clothes^^

  13. Really love these lace dresses! Especially the Sweet & Charming Lace Pure!

    Yes, let's follow each other!

    Can you email me if you have a size Medium and if you can ship to the US?

    Shels -

  14. OMG those dresses are beautiful!!


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