July 25, 2011

GO FOR GOLD with these shimmery standouts.

Gold is making a huge fashion comeback in makeup, jewelry, and especially, apparel. The love of luxury has been growing over the last decade, and with it the desire for all things "golden". Why do we love it? It sparkles, it shines, it brightens, and best of all it looks good in combination with nearly every color scheme imaginable.

1. Hot & Trendy Taiwan Style Q024 Bag--Gold (US$:18.00/PHP:805.00)
2. Pretty & Gorgeous Diamond Peace Logo Short Ring (US$:6.00/PHP:270.00)
3. Sexy & Charming Low-neck Tight None-sleeve Dress--Gold (US$:24.00/PHP:1,050.00)
4. Noble & Charming Gold-color Pea Shape Sweater Necklace--Gold (US$:9.00/PHP:415.00)
5. Gentle & Fashionable Serpentine-matching High-heeled Shoes--Gold (US$:24.00/PHP:1,025.00)
6. Generous & Fashionable Korean Round-neck Sequin Vest--Gold (US$:14.00/PHP:630.00)
7. Beautiful & Fashionable Flexible Winding Bracelet----Gold (US$:9.00/PHP:398.00)
8. Fashionable & Beautiful Rope Ladies Belt----Gold (US$:8.00/PHP:360.00)

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  1. oh my goodness #6!! -drool-
    And of course! you are now followed :)

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment :)
    I love this post,all gorgoeus,I especially love the peace ring x
    Hope you have a lovely day <3

  3. It's so pretty! Though I have to admit, I'm more of a silver person.

  4. I totally love this post, but I am not really big on gold. I also love your blog very much, and would love for you to follow mine


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